Read with Lynette Ferreira





Lynette Ferreira was born in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa, the eldest of three children. After a school career that involved a lot of moving around, including living in Namibia, she went to Teacher Training College, married young and settled in Durban, South Africa.

She worked as a Personal Assistant for a Financial Institution for most of her adult life, but it was never a vocation. With qualifications in Marketing, Web Design and Event Planning, she poured her creative talents into proposals and presentations.

After marrying her husband Paulo and moving to the Republic of Ireland, she now says the Irish Creative Bug must have bitten her. She was always dreaming up the most amazing ideas for stories she would love to read, yet never writing down more than a 1,000 words before letting the dream go.

Upon returning to South Africa in 2008 and landing another administrative position, she sat down one day and started writing her very first novel, My Recycled Soul. 

Always an avid reader, Lynette had never known a time that she wasn't reading.

She has a son and two daughters. Her teenage daughter shares all her hopes and dreams, her disappointments and her crushes.

She is currently settled in Northern Ireland.

Lynette was also reviewed as having a writing style that does not seem to be told from a distance of years, with a mature adult's point of view, but is expressive of a young girls' experience and accentuated by a dreamy present tense style, which offers an excellent read. (ABNA 2010 Expert Reviewer).



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